Manufactured Buildings : Offsite + Offshore

case study : consenting Off-shore manufactured multi-units

Ron Seeto Architect's experience with the consenting process using Singapore headquartered TLC Modular's fully volumetric manufactured building system from their Vietnam factory, here in Auckland has been a very positive one. The system in its current form has been progressively refined by TLC Modular and Ron Seeto Architect, for the New Zealand market over the past year.

TLC Modular with support from Ron Seeto Architect has lodged at Auckland Council with consent processing underway.

Prior to lodgement Ron Seeto Architect and TLC Modular met with the building consents team leader and others. Ron Seeto was able to introduce a Specification template to accomodate TLC Modular offshore procurement of equivalent New Zealand code compliant materials and components so they were aware of the documentation strategy for the application prior to lodgement.

A "request for Information" letter from council was received and this is being addressed in a collaborative manner. For a first consent to be processed by Auckland Council with a system new to New Zealand, it has been a positive learning experience for all parties concerned. 

The medium to long term intention is to apply these learnings and follow up with other TLC Modular projects in an equally collaborative manner through Christchurch and Queenstown Lakes District territorial authorities.


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