Queenstown Ski Village Housing

A Design Concept for cheap cheerful housing in a landlocked site in Queenstown that gives you an experience as you move onto and within the site- Episodic, Contextual Distinctive.
Arriving at the entrance you see a welcome gate- a gatekeeper's post and twin gable ended buildings cantilevered out from the end walls of 2 rows of 3 storey buildings. One row looks onto the creek – these must be Creekside Apartments- the row opposite - Moutainview Studios looks west and up the hill– connecting these rows down the middle is a detached footbridge- you hear music and think Stereo Avenue must be gearing up for the night but its only thursday-
You are now at the Fork in the Road- looking straight across at the yawning mouth to the Underneath- a flash name for underground carparking.
There is a sturdy timber trussed bridge to your right crossing Bush Creek to the Other Side and a gentle drive up to another basement garage forming a podium for yet another pair of 3 storey buildings –these Waterview Studios look back west onto the creek - forming a cheerful friendly wall shielding the severe industrial block behind along this part of the boundary.

Looking up the hillside to your left the road disappears into a cut around to what you see to be yet another couple of buildings perched against the hillside with that broken roofline again – these Mountainside Apartments are quieter and is home for now – whilst you dream of perhaps trading up to one of those 5 exclusive 2 storey Chalets on the Other Other Side
To get there you negotiate the Boulevard of Dreams overlooking Celebrity Walk outside the Mountainview Studios –You also realise that the roadside is kidney shapes on steroids – a freeform californian modern recall or, a revival of that organic English Garden randomness. Its autumn – the trees and planting is a blaze of colour This idyll ris eflected in these colours on the buildings.
Soft, enveloping, nurturing- you discover other delights on the way - Perfumed and Pleasure Gardens, Lookout Yoga Towers in an Alpine Forest … you cant wait to uncork that bottle of Amisfield and toast to how lucky you are to be living here.


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