Catholic Gathering Space

St Michaels Design Group a joint venture between Ron Seeto and heritage architect Jeff Armstrong was formed for this project.
Parish -Requirements
Unlike Newer churches many older churches like ours -the foyer (Narthex) is extremely narrow and does not accommodate changing patterns of use.
In particular it cannot function as a place where larger numbers of people can gather and pause prior to a formal event e.g. the rite of baptism, involving procession into the nave. Currently
participants must gather outside in the often inclement conditions on this south facing entrance.
The church therefore required a transitional space which would "assist in meeting the new

Liturgy -enable parishioners to gather and make a dignified entrance and exit from the church particularly during inclement weather".
The Design itself was a process of architectural refinement working with on-going consultation -with the parish, the heritage agencies, engineering specialists and materials suppliers- right up to the Auckland Urban Design Panel and Resource Consent process.
The overriding architectural intention of this new pavilion is to defer to the church, to build in lightness and transparency, to be compatible with parish requirements and applicable heritage design principles.
Detailing therefore seeks to optimise transparency (within the variable reflectivity of glass), and to reduce structural clutter to minimise interruption of the church fa├žade

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