Mixed Use : Apartments & Healthcare

COSMOS is a mixed use proposal comprising 8 diverse residential units and a small healthcare facility. Strategically positioned on Auckland's Medical Mile, the site has two street frontages, Remuera Road and Ely Avenue, with views of Rangitoto to the north and Mt Hobson to the southeast. Our primary response was to continue established patterns of development. There are two large urban gestures. On Remuera Road a 4 level healthcare block providing a buffer to the hustle and bustle on this southern frontage. Behind this an open air atrium courtyard bounded by 3 level maisonettes to the east and west and a 5 level apartment block embracing the sun and the water view.
The building blocks comprise three basic types. A discreet set of architectural elements - balconies, chimneys, loggias, shuttered facades, punched openings and arcades – unify the buildings.
Materials such as copper clad walls and fascias, bagged block walls, tambour shutters of thin timber slats set between sinuous curved metal guiding rails, dark bronze and timber slatted screens all contrive to elevate the development above the prosaic standardised norm.

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