Industrial Colour : Greenpark

After a fire the new building was commissioned to accomodate office, showroom, factory and warehouse facilities within the total floor area of the original and a limited budget. The factory to house sophisticated foam cutting plant. The showroom to be spacious with good light. The site in an older area of Penrose is contexturally grey.
Existing site levels determined a 2 level building with factory warehousing at the lower level and an office/showroom above for direct street access and visibility. The original footprint covered the whole site. The new is more compact with direct benefits to the client of efficient site utilisation and a bonus double height showroom.
The main design elements are:
  • A front elevation developed as a most precise, defined and recognisable aspect of the buildings purpose and identity, giving the client an unmistakable image and instant visibility, and expandable rear end of successive structural bays.
  • A toplit circulation zone connecting office, showroom, stair areas.
  • A gridded street facade with units repeated within a structure of interdependent architectural elements referring to the repetitive industrial process.
  • A partial deconstruction of the exterior cladding reinforcing the idea of industrial assembly. Differing materials and colour stopping into each other continue this idea.
  • A curving 6.5m high wall parti dividing office and showroom.
  • A private office box with black venetians and a transparent public showroom
  • A closed factory box finished in natural steel, industrial in nature and keeping the new plant away from uninvited public view, a client requirement.
  • Vivid colour on various discrete elements punches the building out from its context

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