Mixed Housing Suburban Ellerslie

After discarding several earlier mundane schemes suggesting standalone duplex units Ron Seeto was appointed by the owner developer to provide an alternative architectural concept on this 2000 Square metre north facing site on the Ellerslie ridge.
Seizing the opportunities available in the Auckland Unitary Plan the old villa is removed for a new 4 storey terraced building 5 unit apartment block all accessed by an open air lane- remembering a recent experience of a Portuguese alley in Alfama Lisbon- climbing up from a basement carpark.

This project is an investigation of the potential for an apartment typology in the Auckland Unitary Plan mixed housing suburban zone.
Hunkered into its sloping site on the downhill side of a leafy suburban street, this apartment block provides 4 x 3 bed units on 2 levels and a rooftop Penthhouse straddling the width of the block – all with generous liveable spaces capturing sun and views.
A future smaller 2 storey Stage 2 Entry block is envisaged to address its position along the streetfront.


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