Nanaksar Sikh Temple

Nanaksar is a sacred place situated near Jagraon District Ludhiana (Punjab) India. It came into prominence when Sant baba Nand Singh Ji, the pure soul, established a Gurdwara (Sikh temple) on it known as Nanaksar Thath.

The Nanaksar That Sikh organisation commissioned MCP to design a temple on a 3178 sq metre site, 25km south of downtown Auckland. It is to be multi-functional, serving as a place of worship and as an educational and community centre where "free kitchen" in the holy place is served regularly to devotees from all over the world.

This is a branch temple of Nanaksar Thath which now has temples and educational institutions in several countries around the world.

The temple design is derived from the geometry and form of the Golden Temple at Amritsar. Most striking features of the building will be its ornate dome and turret structures. There is a spectacular central dome rising to 15 metres above ground level with four small domed pavilions located at the corners.
The 3 level temple plan is divided into 4 areas:
  • Community hall with ancillary library, reading room, kitchen and utility spaces and a priests' accommodation block to the rear.
  • Worship hall, Holy Book room for the Spiritual Head
  • 2 level car parking for 96 cars.
  • Main and a suite ceremonial approach bridge flanked by 2 pools providing access to the double height main Entrance Portico and Foyer.
The Worship Hall can accommodate 260 devotees. This hall opens up to the central dome and also holds the altar. There will be an undulating ceiling suspended from the structure to add further architectural significance to the hall spaces. The exterior shall be finished in plaster, ceramic tiling and copper sheeting. The building has a total enclosed floor area of 2,400m2.

While the temple maintains traditional architectural characteristics of the original Gurdwaras it will incorporate modern facilities. The design of the temple aims to promote the ideals of Sikhism for everyone who comes into contact with it.

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