Parnell Pied a Terre

The client is a business couple with no children and an informed sensibility for materials, texture, colour and space.

Accommodation requirements include large garage, three bedrooms, home gym, formal dining/ lounge area, casual eating and cooking area, snug, home theatre and study.

Small narrow site of 385m2 with 11.4m frontage centrally positioned on the uphill side of Tohunga Crescent. 2m bank between street and front boundary and a further 6m slope from front to rear boundary.

The Design Concept was to excavate and form two platforms to provide drive on access and resolve existing site levels.

Two orthogonal tower blocks linked by an indoor outdoor casual eating living cooking hub allowing selected and filtered through views. Deployment of a skewed axis along the direction of the main view also reinforces the idea of movement up and through as the house negotiates its siting.

The long sections reflect site levels with a three storey tower to the front and a two storey tower to the rear connected by a single storey link straddled by a roof terrace.. Cutouts provide glimpses of the world beyond track the sun and protect the private lives of the occupants.

The street elevation presents a deep cruciform focal element grounded to a bunker like podium recognising the house position in Tohunga Crescent whilst articulating the floor levels behind as well as allowing for framed views from inside and a guarded intriguing presence to the street. Skewed central vertical pier animates an otherwise static composition.

This Design Concept celebrates movement clambering up the slope from the street in a visual striptease from public to private areas, from outdoors to indoors and back again, from shade to light, from basement to roof deck.


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