Queenstown Containers : Q-Box

Q Box is a motorhome park, located at 21 Bowen Street in Queenstown. 1.2 hectares on the outskirts of the Queenstown CBD, just off Gorge Rd, which provides for 50 park-up motorhome sites for the tourist market. These sites are serviced by a main facilities area "reception building" conceptualized by Ron Seeto as a collection of converted containers radiating off 4 sides of an octagon - providing for an office, lounge, ablutions circling around an outdoor fireplace area- or in future a 3 storey enclosed glazed skylit atrium by stacking on 2 further levels of containers.
Ron Seeto was asked to design an alternative siting for a proposal to develop 70 studio units with ensuite bathrooms plus 35 two-bedroom units with single bathroom and kitchenette, in addition to the already established holiday park, a total of 140 rooms. The 70 containers will each provide two rooms per container. The containers are intended to provide a modern industrial architectural style of accommodation.

The ratio of studio room verses family units subject to verification from the proposed hotel operator.
The design of the a typical studio unit to have a floor layout area Accommodation 29.50m2 and Decking 12.00m2 The seventy forty-foot containers are to be fitted out each containing two bedrooms equating to 140 rooms in total providing some 2065m2 of accommodation and some 180m2 of decking. Each container will contain a shower, toilet and wash hand basin. Fifteen of the forty foot containers will be located west of the reception building and one unit will be fitted out to satisfy disabled person requirements.
Where containers are stacked two high the walkways and deck areas will be connected by commercial galvanised mesh to allow snow to dissipate.
Landscaping and Planning layout by Paddy Baxter show the number of motorhome sites will reduce as the containers are added.


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