Red & Pink Houses - Barragan tribute

The single level 135m2 house was commissioned by James Hardie & Co for the Auckland 1991 NZ Home Show and was awarded Best Stand Award. The objective was to increase user awareness of the range of the client's building products through creative design. The architect seized the opportunity to design in an eclectic mix of architectural references for popular consumption.
The exterior is a contemporary interpretation of the ubiquitous New Zealand lean-to with unique design elements being:
Curved entry sequence; Double height sitting room; Feature corner fireplace with freestanding chimney; Stepped windows
The architect purchased the house, relocated to a typical suburban site and designed a complementary two storey version - the Pink House - thereby demonstrating the potential of building other equivalently sized and budgeted houses.
The Red and Pink Houses located on part of the Ellerslie Racecourse precinct are a tribute to mexican master architect Luis Barragan's iconic San Cristobal and its red and pink walls skirting around a pond- a poetic frame for the daily procession of its thoroughbred horses.

A 235m2 family home. Major design constraints were economic and site based.
Using a sprayed texture finish, concrete roof tiles, aluminium joinery, the primary intention was to establish an image which while transcending the suburban genre, uses all of its components to achieve that end.
Situated on a typical cross leased site the house is a complementary two storey version of the earlier single storey Red House next door thus completing the site composition.
Unique design elements include:
Double width front door; Tall skylit entrance hall; Skewed stair; Bridge over dining space; Kitchen hub with snug and breakfast alcoves; Back to back fireplace celebrating winter fires summer barbeques Auckland style.
The two house complex suggests a suburban alternative for building on cross leased sections.


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