Sikh Temple

This building with project is “a 2 level architectural masterpiece” according to our Client , and is a landmark for South Auckland, New Zealand. Located on Great South Road, this building is designed on the lines of The Golden Temple - the holiest Sikh shrine in Northern India. Standing tall in concrete, the "Golden Temple of New Zealand" is here to stay. 

Upstairs is the Worship Hall that promoting Spiritual Enhancement. The wide span without any pillars gives it the "feel of grandness". "Sachkhand" - The Holy Book room made of glass on a wide stage enhances the spiritual presence in the Worship Hall. Ground floor is the Community Hall with its own distinct features including an undulating timbered ceiling - a homage to the Finnish master architect Alvar Aalto’s seminal work Viipuri Libray

On the outside, the first to catch the eye are 40 small domes, 4 corners mid size domes and one big central dome on the roof. The arched windows and the paint combination of Gold and White colours make it strikingly vibrant. Equipped with a state of the art Community Kitchen, Community Hall, Library and a big Car Park, this Temple Building is capable of serving the Community in numbers for a long time


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