Commercial Austerity

Though technically an alteration, this project for an advertising agency might more accurately be described as a recreation of an honest Parnell industrial building, a type which has become lost in the plethora of eclectic styles appearing in the area in recent years.

The rectangular uniform concrete box is re-established. Alternating solid and void units participate in a visual striptease. From a single slot on St. Georges Bay Road turning the corner to larger openings the building reveals itself in stages.

The stairwell turned at a skew angle is the only element which is intentionally irregular. It gives direction into the Entry Forecourt. A generous cantilevered timber and steel deck hovers over an imposing metal clad main entrance door generating a sense of anticipation before entering.
As for materials the use of only a "chosen few" contribute to the intended clarity of form and animation of space. The minimal austere aesthetic is a conscience effort to avoid the usual lavish detailing, typical of buildings in the advertising industry genre.

We strove for a simple building driven by a strong architectural idea. A foil to the client's work and embodying the qualities of ... TEAM : resourceful, energetic, young and dynamic !

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